Tori Marketplace

The Tori, a Finnish-American Pop-Up Town

In Finland, a tori is a marketplace, usually in a public square and outdoors. Friday, August 8 through Sunday August 10 of FinnFest, the Hyatt Regency will form the streets and avenue of our version of a tori, a Finnish-American pop-up town, filled with vendors, food, demonstrations, exhibits and performance shorts by musical and dance groups.

Dates: Friday, August 8 through Sunday August 10

Time: Café opens at 8am, vendors start at 9am. Friday and Saturday open until 5pm, Sunday until 3pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Nicollet Ballroom and Exhibit Hall, Hyatt Regency

Dozens of FinnFest vendors are coming from all over the U.S., Canada, and Finland. Products sold will include Finnish foods, handcrafts, fine art, books, services, and more. Finnish newspapers and cultural and religious organizations are also represented at the tori. The FinnFest Café, located in the Exhibit Hall, will open at 8 a.m. and feature pastries and beverages for sale throughout the day, perfect for a light breakfast or coffee breaks.

Yes, you can come for free, and take in the sights, people-watch, and buy a unique gift for your favorite Finnish friend or relative—or for yourself!

There will also be conversation hours in both of Finland’s official languages—Finnish and Swedish, and one of Finland’s indigenous languages—North Sami. More information on the language clusters to be available soon.

There will be a stage and dance floor in the tori (Nicollet Ballroom) where musicians, many of whom are doing concerts, will perform throughout each day. You can even, with a modest fee, sign up for instructional dance lessons!