Paper Registration Form

Printable Paper Registration Form

If at all possible, FinnFest prefers that as many registrations as possible be completed in our online registration system, which can be accessed here:
The reason we prefer online registration is because it eliminates time-consuming data entry into our registration system, and it also reduces time-consuming bank errands for our FinnFest accountant. If you have a friend or family member who would like to attend FinnFest but has a difficult time using a computer, please consider helping them register online!

Our registration process works through PayPal, which is more secure than sending a check via the U.S. Postal Service! However, we do recognize that there are those people who prefer to send in a paper form with a check or a money order, and so this downloadable form can be printed and sent in to the address specified on the form. If you do not have access to a printer and need one mailed out to you, please call (763) 234-1135.

Paper Registration Form (pdf)