Online Registration

Welcome to the registration for all things FinnFest USA ® 2014! Within the Regonline platform, you are able to register for the Cokato Tour, St. Croix Cruise, Education Forum, Genealogy Symposium, and the Festival.

Festival Registration Details

Festival registration rates have been set to encourage families, friends and cultural organizations to attend the 150th Celebration of Finns in America together. Group rates make the festival especially affordable. As attendees do not need a car to fully participate, community groups may wish to organize bus tours to the festival. The 2014 festival invites the entire family to enjoy activities for every age and interest and has made family attendance affordable with free admission for students and children age 16 and under. Saturday and Sunday are designated Family Days for FinnFest USA and our institutional partners. The 150th celebration of Finns in America is a great time to connect with one’s heritage, family, friends and community.

Adults are 17 and older, 16 and under: free admission

Festival August 8-10

  • Adult 1 day, $35.00
  • Adult 2 days, $60.00 (You choose your days)
  • Adult all days, $80.00

Festival August 8-10, Group Pricing (4 or more)

  • Adult 1 day, $25.00 per person
  • Adult 2 days, $35.00 per person (Group chooses the days)
  • Adult all days, $55.00 per person

Other Events Registration Details

Cokato Tour, August 6

  • $25.00

St. Croix River Cruise, August 6

  • $39.95

Education Forum, August 6-7

  • 1 day, $90.00
  • 2 days, $160.00

Genealogy Symposium, August 7

  • $25.00

Sami Siida Of North American Siidastallan Meeting, August 9

  • $15.00