Lectures Saturday August 9th

Lecture Schedule

Saturday, August 9th

Kids Activities


Art and Design

Natural World

Indigenous Peoples


21st Cen Finland

21st Cen Finnish America


Spotlight Music Concert $10


Music Concert


Salolampi Camp

Music of Paul Karvonen

Designed Environments

MIA Exhibit: tour via Powerpoint

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Sámi Gákti History and Gákti Models

Finnish Speaking Minority in Sweden

Finnish North American Migration

Writing Finnish fiction Beyond the Midnight Sun


Two Talls


Tanja Stanaway


Salolampi Camp

Finnish American Folk Music Its vitality in the 21st C America

Ryijy Exhibit guided tour done at ASI: need to pre-register

Forests in North America & Finland

Mpls Middle School Students study the Sami

Discussion of the film “Finnish Blood Swedish Heart”

Early Migration from Northern Norway & Finland to North America

10am Järvenpää Singers (Folk)

11am Craig Johnson (Classical)


Hilja Gronfors Trio




Salolampi Camp

Issues of Identity for 21st C Indigenous Peoples

Story Telling: Perform./ Comment

DNA Test Kit

10.30 session extends past 11.30

“The Knuuti Family Story”

Expatriate Parliament:

Why should you get involved?

“Grand-ma’s Pie Plate”

Intro to the Kalevala


Finn Folk


Does Finnish America need a National Museum?


Kati, Heikki and Noah (Pop/Theatre)

1pm Finn Hall/Gertie TO Boyz


Art and Design

Natural World

Indigenous Peoples

Finland / Sweden

21st Cen Finland

21st Cen Finnish America


Spotlight Music Concert $10


Music Concert


Kalevala & the Kantele

Forests & Society: MN vs Finland

Medicine in Personal Identity

Kuopio: A contemp. Finnish Model for a livable city

The museum session continues

The State of Finnish Literature in 21st C.

2pm Tjärnblom (Folk)

2pm Kip Peltoniemi


Kantele Workshop

The New North: Finnish Architecture Today

Myth & Science of the Northern Lights

Restoring Dakota Sioux history One family’s story

Suomi Seura A resource to connect Americans to Finland

Finnish Crime Fiction today:

A panel discussion

3pm Mimmi Fulmer/Olli Kortekangas (Classical)


Lyz Jaakola


Theater Perform:

“The Rock Farm”

Film “Walking into the Unknown”

Crime Fiction Writing Informal discussion with the authors

4pm Wilho Saari

4pm Kisarit


5:30 pm Singing Strings (Pop/Theatre)


Folk/World Music Concert – Wesley Center $20

  • Liz Jaakola of Anishinaabe and Finnish heritage, a Native woman who readily embraces her mixed heritage. Performing in many genres including opera Mezzo Soprano, traditional ceremony singer, jazz scat singer, blues siren and regional soloist in many venues of Northern Minnesota. 2013 Sally Award Winner at the Ordway Theater of St. Paul, MN.
  • Hilja Grönfors Trio visiting from Finland, Hilja’s repertoire includes over 100 Finnish Roma songs of joy, sorrow, horses, the traveling life. She is subject of 2011 documentary, “This Country Was Not Mine.” Members of her band, Latso Dzinta, are all known from numerous other groups as well as they represent the very best of Finnish contemporary folk music.


Pop/Rock Concert – Hyatt Conference Center $20

  • Conga Se Menne – hail from the chilly invigorating banks of Lake Superior and their mastery of melodic syncopation is second to none. Conga Se Menne’s musical style is impossible to pigeon hole, running the gamut of Blues, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Rock, Caribbean beats and ethnic Finnish sounds. Island beat percussion blends smoothly with mellifluos keyboards, sonorous horns and big shouldered guitar. The group’s Finnish American roots come through in comedic themes, Finnish lyrics (hyvää kesää, baha poika,) and the yooper-accented crooning so familiar to local fans.
  • August Saarinen & Vuolas Virta, – A jazz/folk quintet that pays tribute to the “king of Finnish tango” Olavi Virta (1915-1972).