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Welcome to FinnFest USA 2014 in the City of Minneapolis

Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conference Center, August 7-10

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FinnFest USA 2014 Destination
The Twin Cities Region

Why come to the Twin Cities in 2014? Because this lively Finnish community is enticing us to experience 21st C Finnish and Finnish American life and thought.

In this urban setting, we will explore new ways to share Finland and Finnish America with all Americans. Come to celebrate and enjoy a vital culture that continues to challenge and enrich us. Come to meet and share time with others also intrigued by Finland and Finnish America in this global village we all live in today.

Come to Minneapolis, the weekend of August 7-10. Plan a two to three day weekend filled with the sights, the sounds, and the ideas of Finland and Finnish America, two days of lectures, panels, and music followed by a third day of fun planned for all ages. FinnFest USA’s tori will anchor these three days. Come early on Thursday for an all day genealogy workshop. Or come early enough to attend the Opening Ceremony on Thursday evening, August 7.

Music for all tastes and ages, traditional as well as contemporary, means a rare opportunity to feast on Finnish music, to explore all kinds of Finnish music in an American setting. Folk and Classical music will mingle with world, jazz, pop, and rock.

Come even earlier, starting on August 5. Join a group cheering at a Twins game on Tuesday. Or attend our two day education conference, “From Cradle to Career: Education for a 21st C World.” Or take a tour out to Cokato, the oldest continuous Finnish community in North America. Give yourself more leisurely time to visit three outstanding exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the American Swedish Institute, and the Textile Center.

If you attended FinnFest USA 2013, you experienced the life and energy of one of the great centers of Finnish America, the Copper Country in the northernmost part of the Upper Peninsula. The entire U.P., a region widely known as a densely Finnish population area, defines an Upper Midwest version of Finnish American traditions.

Less known, the Twin Cities in Minnesota has emerged as the 21st C home of the largest metropolitan area of Finns in the USA…..yes, larger than Detroit, Seattle, the Bay Area, Boston, and New York City, all communities that, in the mid 20st C, could have claimed that status. Like Seattle and the Bay area, this region’s Finns live in close harmony with Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, and Icelanders. In the Twin Cities, the five groups create a national Nordic voice speaking up for Nordic values in the USA.

Come to see what this urban center is all about. Let’s commemorate that Finns have been a continuous stream of migration since 1864, and let’s start to talk about a future we can build with Finland and with America. Come to Minneapolis, August 7-10…a two to three day weekend filled with the sights, sounds, and ideas of Finland, Finns and Finnish America.

by Marianne Wargelin